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You need to keep you update anyway and you will not find anything better than the internet. If you use the internet, you can keep you update yourself anyway. You can learn about the latest and update things which are important to you. Wireless internet is easy for you to use. Because you can carry the wireless internet connection anywhere. Operator based wireless internet connection is very expensive and you may pain for this reason but if you use Wi-Fi internet connection, you do not need to bear the heavy expense. Because the common internet connection converts to the Wi-Fi. However, to convert the internet connection, you need a router.
A router is a networking device and this device is very useful. You need to use this device for converting the internet connection to Wi-Fi. As Wi-Fi internet is cheap and users’ do not need to pay any extra money for this internet connection, so many places the Wi-Fi internet network is available and you can use that internet connection for free. Due to the demand of the time, you should use a router in your home as if you can make your area Wi-Fi zone. Just buy a router what you like to use and install it and make it capable of running.
After buying a router, your next work is configuration and this is important for the setup settings in the router. The configuration the router relates to the hardware and later you have to setup settings. In the configuration, you have to connect the device to the computer and make the router ready for the next step. In the next step, you have to setup settings. For completing the settings of the router, you need to login to the router and you may need to use some data if you want to log in the router. You will get some data as username and password with the IP address.
If your router does not come with any application, then you have to use a browser. The web browser will fill up your demand and fill up the blank of the application. You cannot make any mistake in the IP address. If you do so, then you cannot see the login screen where the username and password will be used. You have to confirm the correct IP address for your router. Because IP addresses can be different based on the router to router.
Some routers use the IP address but this same IP address is false. Because that IP address may not use this IP address and if you try to login to that router with the false IP address, then you cannot login. The IP address is not only used for the login but also you can use this IP address for checking the connection between the router and computer. But if you try with the false IP address, then you must not login to the router and cannot get the correct report of the router and computer connection.
The IP address is uncommon IP address and this IP address is not used in too many devices. It is found in one model of the D-Link router but it is false. In the router, such IP address cannot be used in the router. Because in the router and networking device private IP address is used and those private IP addresses have a range of IP address. For the networking devices, there are 3 classes IP addresses are used and those are A, B and C. The IP address of Class A starts from to The IP address class B starts from to and the IP address Class C starts from to You cannot find the IP address in any of those classes.
But if you check the IP address in the public IP address, then you will get the IP address there. In the public IP addresses, there are 5 classes A, B, C, D and E. The IP address class C starts from to In this range, you will find the IP address You cannot use that public IP address instead of the private IP address. The router or the networking device may send you an error message. You should not replace the IP address with the private IP address.
Some routers may let you save the public IP address in the router or the networking device but you should be careful. Do not use that IP address for the device. However, you can find the public and private IP address from your computer easily. You can use the “ipconfig” command on the CMD page and consider the IPv4 address as private IP address for your computer and default gateways are your router IP address. Go to google.com and type “what is my IP” and press the enter button to know the public IP address of the computer.
You need the private IP address of your router if you want to login to the router and use that IP address for another purpose. You can retrieve the IP address with “ipconfig” or retrieve the IP address reading from the router guidebook. The IP address what you have found type on the browser address bar and press the enter button. If you do not make anything wrong in the IP address while you have typed, then you will get the login form where you can type the username and password.
The should learn more about the router and Wi-Fi with the IP address class. If the user makes the mistake, then the router may accept the IP address when the IP address is changed but there is no device when the IP address is used as default. The IP address is necessary to change for solving the IP address confliction problem. When the same IP addresses are used in multiple devices, then the IP address make the problem and this problem is called the IP address confliction problem. Changing the IP address is the way of solving the IP address confliction problem.
Now you know how to use the IP address and IP address class type. When you change the IP address, then you should be careful about the IP address class. You cannot change the IP address class. Changing of the IP address should be made from the IP address range. The router guide comes with many instructions what you should read and this article will cover those gaps what you will not find in the router guide. You can look for the video instruction from the YouTube site.